Thursday, December 11, 2008

For all the moms out there...
I don't know how else to post this besides the way I did so here you go.. just cut and paste it ...Make your hubby and shoot EVERYONE you know who doesnt have children just so they know what we go through in one day. Man I am going to sleep now ;)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Prop 8 The Musical

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Ok this is a must see. I was sobbing at the end of it.Hug your babies close
I watched this last night two times and was sobbing at the end. Please check it out and donate to the cause. Here is the direct link to the page

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ok I am not biased at all BUT...

Aren't these just the two cutest little boys yall have ever seen or WHAT?!? I got these pictures taken of my boys for the grandparents christmas gifts this year. Each set of Grandparent will be getting a 20x24 of these. So what are your thoughts?

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am such a Fang Banger

LOL Well thats the term that I picked up from my new favorite show True Blood. It is a HBO series. Go here to check it out! It is great. A love story, a who dunit all swirled together with with a little bloody mix of vampires and shape shifters! Its such a good show that I picked up the book series it is based on. So I did some internet searching about this and found this site At that a site it also has links to the Twilght series that I have yet to read. Have yall seen this show yet? Or read any of the vampire books either the Sookie books or the Twilight books? Let me know your thoughts on them. Isn't it funny how vampires have always intriged us?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Gobble Gobble day !

I just wanted to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving. I will not be hope this holiday but the lovely San Jose for 24 hours. I just wanted to say don't each too much... Wait who am I kidding.. EAT TILL YOU CAN ROLL OVER :) Don't you wish you could wear those great maternity pants again? Ya know the ones with the elastic around the belly? Anyways have a great time and here is just a warning for "Black Friday" if you havent seen it already

Gift Cards are some of the easiest gifts we can give as a Holiday gift - they don't send us over our budget and the recipient can choose any gift they want. Seems like a win-win for everyone, doesn't it?

Well, it could be a lose-lose this Holiday season if you aren't careful about which stores you buy your gift cards from. With the economy in a downward spiral, retail stores are closing by the droves. But what happens to your gift card if the store goes out of business? If there isn't another location you can visit, you're simply out anything you may have spent.

Here is just a partial list of stores that are slated to close some or all of their doors in the next few months:

Circuit City (filed Chapter 11)
Ann Taylor- 117 stores nationwide closing
Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug ,and Catherine's to close 150 stores nationwide
Eddie Bauer to close stores 27 stores and more after January
Cache will close all stores
Talbots closing down specialty stores
J. Jill closing all stores (owned by Talbots)
Pacific Sunwear (also owned by Talbots)
GAP closing 85 stores
Footlocker closing 140 stores more to close after January
Wickes Furniture closing down
Levitz closing down remaining stores
Bombay closing remaining stores
Zales closing down 82 stores and 105 after January
Whitehall closing all stores
Piercing Pagoda closing all stores
Disney closing 98 stores and will close more after January.
Home Depot closing 15 stores 1 in NJ ( New Brunswick )
Macys to close 9 stores after January
Linens and Things closing all stores
Movie Galley Closing all stores
Pep Boys Closing 33 stores
Sprint/Nextel closing 133 stores
JC Penney closing a number of stores after January
Ethan Allen closing down 12 stores.
Wilson Leather closing down all stores
Sharper Image closing down all stores
K B Toys closing 356 stores
Loews to close down some stores
Dillard's to close some stores

So this year as you scour the stores for "just the right gift", think twice if the "right gift" is a gift card. Instead, opt for a universal gift card such as an American Express or Visa (prepaid cards only good for the amount you choose)- these are available just about anywhere (grocery stores, convenience stores, you name it). These can be used at any store, however, unlike most store gift cards, these cards do expire and usually after six months they start incurring a fee per month on unused balances (usually, around $2 per month will be deducted form the cards balance until the card is either runs out of funds or it is spent).

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am DONE... D... O...N...E... DONE

Thats it that all. I am done with christmas shopping. Everyone. WOO FREAKING HOO.
(now what do I do?) ;) So how are yall doing so far with the whole holiday shopping?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Come on and Sin A Little

Sin a little…And Win! www.cynthiaeden.comEnter Today!Share Image

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Tea party week!

The Tea Party Week fun continues at Mom Most Traveled! Enter here for your chance to win a Barely Bamboo hoodie from Bamboosa!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We did it! We made history!No more "Joe the plumber" no more "socialist" no more "real america" no more "you betcha" or winking or "my friend" and no more fear tactics and hate speech!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Something truly scary this time of the year..

When a Republican Calls

And here are some from their rallies

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yall have to check this giveaway out!

The blog Indie Fix is having a HUGE giveaway!! There are two prizes that will be awared!Check them out:

Prize #1 (value $389) is made of the following goodies:

1. Sublime Stitching embroidery patterns.
2. Print from The Happygirl Shop
3. Necklace from Starving Artist Bazaar
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5. Necklace from Karalee Designs
6. Bag from Becky OH!
7. Journal from Ex Libris Anymous
8. Goodies from Mau Studio
9. Wall Vinyls from studiojk
10. Shea Butter Sugar Scrub from Bidwell Botanicals
11. Print from Berkley Illustration (not pictured)
12. Goodies from Sprout Studio (not pictured)
13. Lace Knitting to Go (by Andrea Tung), Home Sewn (Kaari Meng) & “Little Notes” card set (by Susie Ghahremani) all from Chronicle Books

Prize #2 (value $386) is made up of the following goodies:

1. Print from The Happygirl Shop
2. Earrings from Kutuu
3. Soap from Boh Bon Soap Co.
4. Bag from Faite Designs
5. Journal from Ex Libris Anymous
6. Goodies from Mau Studio
7. Bag from IMOOI
8. Baby tee & cards from Goh Girl
9. Print from Berkley Illustration (not pictured)
10. Goodies from Sprout Studio (not pictured)
11. Shea Butter Sugar Scrub from Bidwell Botanicals
12. Scarflette from Marketta New York
13. Little Stitches for Little Ones (Amy Butler), Picture Perfect Knits (by Laura Birek), Sublime Stitching Craft Pad (by Jenny Hart) all from Chronicle Books

This is the coolest giveaway by far that I have entered in quite some time! There are amazing prizes so why dont yall go over to Indie Fix and check it out.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh I am so TIRED!!

Some of my friends asked me "So where do you fly in an average week?" So here you go I am on a 5 day trip and this is where I am going just on this trip!
lol thats my work week! and this isn't a 'hard' one so much!But all that up and down hello goodbye just wears you out! So those who asked here is a just a sample of one of my work weeks ;)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Grosgrain: FAQ

Grosgrain: FAQ
This is such a great site check her out!!1

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ugh the pain...

I had to get 2 root canals done yesturday!!! Oh and on one of them the pain medicine didnt work and I felt part of the drilling!!! OUCH.. I think that was worse than childbirth!!! Just thought I would update yall alittle!

Friday, August 29, 2008

This is another one of my contest

I am trying out this whole new blog thing and here is another one I am trying out
check it out they are also doing some great giveaways!

Ok so I found this great blog..
I stumbled onto this great blog! She is hysterical! So why don't ya'll go over there and stumble onto it yourself! She will soon be in your favorites!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pictures from the Animal Planet Expo!

Oh the boys had such a great day at the Animal Planet Expo! You should have seen Will hiss at people as they walked by!

Cade wanted to be a cheetah but they couldnt do those so he choose a tiger. GRRR!

Monday, August 11, 2008

To the Flying Public: We’re sorry.

We’re sorry we have no pillows. We’re sorry we’re out of blankets. We’re sorry the airplane is too cold. We’re sorry the airplane is too hot. We’re sorry the overhead bins are full. We’re sorry we have no closet space for your oversized bag. We’re sorry that’s not the seat you wanted. We’re sorry there’s a restless toddler/overweight/offensive smelling passenger seated next to you. We’re sorry the plane is full and there’s no other seats available. We’re sorry you didn’t get your upgrade. Were sorry that guy makes you uncomfortable because he “looks like a terrorist”. We’re sorry there’s a thunderstorm and we can’t take off. We’re sorry we don’t know when it will stop. We’re sorry you’re crammed into a sp ace so small that if you were an animal PETA would protest. We’re sorry that a Super 80 has no music or video entertainment for your 3 hour flight. We’re sorry we ran out of your favorite soda. We’re sorry there’s no more sandwiches. We’re sorry that Budweiser costs $6.00. We’re sorry we don’t have diapers for your baby. We’re sorry we don’t have milk for same baby. We’re sorry you can’t hang out by the cockpit door waiting to use the bathroom. We’re sorry you can’t hang out at the back of the airplane. We’re sorry you have to sit down and fasten your seatbelt. We’re sorry you have to put your seat up for landing. We’re sorry we don’t know when we’re going to land. We’re sorry we don’t know whether your plane to (substitute any city in the world) will be waiting for you when we land. We’re sorry we’ve been diverted because we ran out of gas waiting to land.

We’re sorry for these 20 and so many other things that we have absolutely no control over but which we are held accountable for EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Please understand. Flight attendants are not the enemy. We share your space. More than anyone – we want to have a nice, pleasant travel experience.. There is a reason behind everything we ask you to do. It may be a FAA Directive. It may be security related. It may be a company procedure. We don’t just make stuff up. We don’t spend 8 weeks at the flight academy learning how to pour a Coke. There are many things that flight attendants are watching for constantly on every flight FOR YOUR SAFETY. It’s not because we’re bored or so controlling that we just enjoy telling people what to do. I for one would like to have one flight where I didn’t have to repeatedly tell people to put their seats up for landing. Seriously. Can’t you just do what we ask sometimes? Without the glar es, eye rolling and disdain? For the record – putting your seat up for landing may not seem that important to your personal safety. However, it is very important for the person sitting BEHIND YOU. If you have ever tried to get out of a row where someone has their seat back you know it can be a challenge. Try grabbing your ankles (emergency brace position) or getting out that row quickly with smoke in the cabin.

Understand a little better now?

Many of the things we ask passengers to comply with are FAA directives. Like carry-on bag stowage and exit row requirements. When we can serve drinks (in the air) and when we can t (after the aircraft door is closed or on an active taxi-way). We are only allowed to move about the cabin during taxi out for safety related duties. We can’t get you blankets then, or hang coats, or get you drinks. It’s not because we don’t want to. It’s because we are held personally responsible if we fail to comply with FAA directives. Meaning that the FAA can fine us personally up to $10,000 if we fail to comply or enforce an FAA Directive. Like no bags at the bulkhead. No children in the exit row. No one moving around the cabin during taxi. Perhaps now you know why flight attendants get a little testy when people move about the cabin when they’re not supposed to. It’s not the company that gets in trouble for that. It’s us.

Personally I wish the airlines would show worst case scenario safety videos. Like what happens if you walk through the cabin during turbulence. There could be a guy who has just fallen and smacked his face on the metal armrest and now has a bloody, gushing broken nose. Or an elderly lady who now has a broken arm because someone walking to the bathroom fell on her. Maybe a passenger with a broken neck because somebody opened an overhead bin during turbulence and a suitcase fell out and onto the person sitting beneath it. These things can easily happen in a fast moving, unstable air environment.

Please just trust that we are looking out for your best interest and stop fighting with us about everything we ask you to do. It is exhausting.

Finally, please, please direct your hostility and frustrations in the direction where they will be most effective: The customer service department. They are the ones equipped to handle your complaint and implement procedures for CHANGE. Think about it. Complaining to the flight crew about all your negative travel experiences is about the same as complaining to the office janitor because your computer isn’t working. It may make you feel better to vent about it – but it really won’t fix anything. More than anybody we are already aware of the lack of amenities, food, service and comfort on the aircraft. Please share your concerns with the people in the cubicles at corporate who need that information to make better decisions for the flying public. .

It’s frustrating that so many people are in denial about what the travel industry is about now. The glory days of pillows, blankets, magazines and a hot meal for everyone are long gone. Our job is to get you from point A to point B safely and at the cheapest possible cost to you and the company. So be prepared. If you are hungry – get a sandwich before you get on the plane. If it’s a 3 hour flight, anticipate that you may get hungry and bring some snacks. If you are cold natured – bring a wrap. Think for yourself and think ahead. Otherwise, don’t complain when you have to pay $3.00 for a cookie and are left with a crusty blanket to keep you warm.

We hear often that the service just isn’t what is used to be. Well the SERVICE we provide now isn’t what it used to be. ; When I was hired, my job was to serve drinks, meals, ensure that safety requirements were met and tend to in-flight medical issues. Since 9/11 my primary job is to ensure that my airplane will not be compromised by a terrorist. 9/11 may be a distant memory now to many, but be assured that EVER DAY a flight attendant reports to work he or she is constantly thinking about 9/11. We feel a personal responsibility to ensure that something like that never happens again. We can never relax. We can never not be suspicious about someone’s intentions. It is difficult to be vigilant and gregarious at the same time. Especially when most of us are working 12 hour days after layovers that only allow 5-6 hours of sleep. Not because we were out partying and having a grand time on the layover – but because the delays that you experience as a passe nger also affect us as a crew, so that what was a 10 hour layover is now 8 hours which doesn’t leave a lot of time to recover from what has become an increasingly stressful occupation.

Despite everything I still enjoy being a flight attendant. I am writing this letter because I do still care about my profession and about the public perception of flight attend ants. In the increasingly challenging travel world it is becoming more imperative than ever for people to just be decent to each other. I can go through an entire day without one person saying anything remotely civil. I will stand at the aircraft door and say hello to everyone who enters and maybe 50% will even look at me and even less will say hello back. I will try to serve someone a meal who can’t be bothered to take their headsets off long enough for me to ask them what they want. Most of the time the only conversation a passenger has with me is when they are complaining. Is it any wonder why flight attendants have shut down a bit? After suffering the disdain of hundreds of passengers a day it’s difficult sometimes to even smile, much less interact. We are human. We appreciate the same respect and courtesy that passengers do. The next time you fly, try treating the flight attendants the way you would like to be treated.

You may be surprised how friendly your flight crew is when they are treated like people!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some more of my cakes

Some of my cakes

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am so new to this so please bear with me!

I am trying to figure out this whole blog thing so please bear with me