Monday, December 1, 2008

I am such a Fang Banger

LOL Well thats the term that I picked up from my new favorite show True Blood. It is a HBO series. Go here to check it out! It is great. A love story, a who dunit all swirled together with with a little bloody mix of vampires and shape shifters! Its such a good show that I picked up the book series it is based on. So I did some internet searching about this and found this site At that a site it also has links to the Twilght series that I have yet to read. Have yall seen this show yet? Or read any of the vampire books either the Sookie books or the Twilight books? Let me know your thoughts on them. Isn't it funny how vampires have always intriged us?


Glamorous WAHM said...

Okay Millie, I had to come over and check ya out! That title is catchy. And girl I'm checkin' out True blood. I love me some vampire entertainment. Have you ever seen Interview With a Vampire? Brad Pitt will have you begging for him to bite you.
BTW, I have a relative named Millicent Crawford and we call her Millie too. That is too ironic!

alex hudson said...

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